Hiscox Insurance


  • Infrastructure Firmware update
  • HP C7000 Enclosures
  • HP BL465c Blades
  • HP EVA 8400 SAN
  • Infrastructure Platform Support
  • Data Modelling Platform upgrade
  • VMware Provisioning and support
  • Project management

Hiscox is headquartered in Bermuda and is an international specialist insurer, underwriting a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance risks.

Hicox’s infrastructure consists of a vast VMware, HP server and storage estate which spans across 4 international sites, totalling over 200 physical and 900 virtual servers.

In order to ensure platform reliability and availability for their increasing mission critical applications and international business units, a firmware upgrade project was undertaken across their entire infrastructure.

Prior to project commencement and sign off, it was imperative that a comprehensive level of due-diligence and planning was undertaken, which consisted of application discovery, dependencies, stakeholders, business data flows and hardware / software firmware interoperability.

Virtual Tech together with HP successfully planned, project managed and upgraded firmware levels across Hiscox’s entire infrastructure, whilst ensuring reduced impact to Hiscox’s mission critical applications and international business units.

Virtual Tech assisted Hiscox’s internal infrastructure team in provisioning, supporting and maintaining Hiscox’s HP and VMware virtual infrastructure.