Shine Feedback

“We first came across Virtual Tech when our business endured a major virus outbreak. Thankfully their consultants were able to successfully clean all of our systems and enabled protection against future threats. We noticed that Virtual Tech offered an offsite backup and disaster recovery managed service, and in light of recent events it made perfect sense to take advantage of their offering. Virtual Tech’s vCloud Recovery service not only protects our data but amazingly in the event of a real disaster, allows us to connect securely to access our recovered environment from anywhere in the world and continue working”

Graham Da Costa, MD, Shine Feedback


  • Limited Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Eliminate Backup Tapes


  • vCloud Recovery Backup & Disaster Recovery Managed Service
  • Secure Remote Web Access to Recovered Environment
  • World Class Tier 4 Financial Grade Data Centre
  • Virtual Guard Proactive Problem Prevention

Shine Feedback specialises in corporate surveys, providing businesses with intelligent information feedback required to improve internal procedures, services and products.

Shine Feedback heavily relies on the retrieval, processing and storage of mission critical data.

Shine Feedback approached Virtual Tech with an interest in the vCloud Recovery Service in order to protect their mission critical data and provide a business continuity platform for their business.

In order to meet Shine Feedback’s objectives, Virtual Tech implemented vCloud Recovery, enabling an enterprise class backup and disaster recovery solution at a fraction of the cost.

The data from Shine Feedback is first backed up locally and then securely replicated to Virtual Tech’s World Class Tier 4 Financial Grade (ISO27001) Data Center.

Virtual Tech proposed the migration of their IT infrastructure over to the vCloud hosting platform, located at our World Class Tier 4 Financial Grade (ISO27001) Data Center.

This configuration allows for local granular file restores and in the event of a server failure or an office outage, the ability to recover Shine Feedback’s servers to the vCloud Recovery environment and made accessible through a secure web portal.

The secure web portal to the recovery environment also allows Shine Feedback’s staff to seamlessly connect to hosted desktops configured with all their applications and mission critical data.