The Bridge Consultancy

“Virtual Tech has provided my business with an end to end solution and a support service which is second to none. The Virtual Guard technical agents are always on the other end of the phone to assist my staff with any issues they may have”

Alan Clarke, Managing Director, The Bridge Consultancy


  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Infrastructure stability
  • End user support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Fixed Virtual Guard support
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Latest Microsoft operating system
  • Microsoft Office
  • Virtual Filtration
  • Virtual Guard
  • vCloud Recovery

Bridge Consultancy is a premium recruitment agency predominantly recruiting for the Healthcare Advertising, Public Relations and Pharmaceutical Communications sectors.

Bridge’s existing IT support company were no longer able to provide the service level required or competency to support the infrastructure. The existing contract was based upon a pay as you go scheme and Bridge were being charged for each call raised. Due to an unstable infrastructure, multiple calls were raised daily consequently resulting in expensive monthly bills.

In order to lower the total cost of ownership, Virtual Tech immediately stabilised Bridge’s infrastructure. Their old servers, applications and data were consolidated onto a new hardware running Windows Small Business server. Old desktops were upgraded to the latest versions of Windows and Microsoft Office and joined to the new Active Directory Group Policies, NTFS Permissions and Logon Scripts were introduced to provide increased security and drive/folder/printer mappings dependent on departmental group membership.

E-Mail was brought back in-house to allow collaboration, backup and retention. Virtual SMTP Filtration was enabled to scan all inbound and outbound emails for viruses and spam. Outlook Web Access was configured to allow global remote access to email through a secure web browser.

Remote access was provided to Bridge Headquarters through secure Windows remote desktop sessions, allowing user access from around the world.

Virtual Tech’s vCloud Recovery was deployed for backup and disaster recovery. vCloud Recovery provides Bridge with peace of mind that their mission critical data is always protected.

vCloud Recovery also provided Bridge with a fully fledged Disaster Recovery solution. Data is securely replicated each evening to Virtual Tech’s Tier 4 financial grade Data Centre. In the event of a server failure or office failure, Bridge’s Selection’s servers can be easily recovered and made available through a secure web portal.

Virtual Tech also took over support responsibilities, employing Virtual Guard at a fixed yearly cost which consists of two dedicated qualified support engineers and real time monitoring of their server and network infrastructure. This allows Virtual Tech to prevent and resolve any infrastructure based issues, long before the client is even aware that an issue has occurred. Virtual Guard also enables traditional over the telephone and remote support for Bridge’s end users.