Vintec Laboratories Ltd

“Virtual Tech have succeeded in supporting Vintec to reduce network and IT problems, whenever we phone the Virtual Tech helpdesk, their engineers always answer the phone with a warm welcome and are prepared to help immediately. The only time we did have a serious IT issue, Virtual Tech engineers, via their monitoring system contacted me before any of my office staff. On top of that, one of our dedicated engineers were onsite within an hour to resolve the issue quickly.”

Andrew Stirrat, Managing Director, Vintec Laboratories Ltd.


  • Technical Support available upon request
  • Secure Backup
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Virtual Guard IT Support
  • vCloud Recovery
  • vCloud Hosting

Vintec Laboratories provides asbestos testing services to ensure your environment is free from the dangers of asbestos and compliant with UK health and safety regulations.

Established in 1983, Vintec is one of the leading asbestos testing providers in the UK delivering both short and long term contracts to Facilities Management Companies, Local Authorities, Architects, Healthcare Trusts, Building Contractors and Academia.

Vintec Laboratories met with one of Virtual Tech Technical Account Managers, to compare Virtual Tech’s services against their existing and other IT support companies.

Vintec highlighted to Virtual Tech that fast responding SLAs are critical to their business. Vintec’s aim was to minimise downtime and disruptions to their workforce. In response, Virtual Tech introduced Virtual Guard Proactive Problem Prevention IT support, which provides Vintec with two dedicated senior engineers, instant remote/phone support and some of the fastest onsite response times in the industry.

On top of the above, Virtual Tech guaranteed to reduce the amount of IT problems by implementing state of the art Virtual Guard Proactive Problem Prevention, with a full time manned engineer to monitor any alerts and warnings.

Virtual Tech’s vCloud Recovery was deployed for backup and disaster recovery. vCloud Recovery provides Bridge with peace of mind that their mission critical data is always protected.

Vintec were impressed with the level of service offered by Virtual Tech and were surprised to discover that the annual pricing was cheaper than their current arrangement.

Vintec decided that moving to Virtual Tech was a simple business decision and have not looked back since.