IT Support


The vSphere platform - the best foundation for your applications, your cloud and your business.

vSphere helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications. It’s the ideal foundation for any cloud environment allowing you to reduce your physical server sprawl and allow consolidation ratios of 50:1.

VMware vRealize Operations takes virtualisation to the next level with intelligent operations management. It provides you better insights, resulting in improved performance and availability.

Phase 1 - Capacity planning

Virtual Tech will undertake an initial audit of your current IT infrastructure and provide a comprehensive report.

The report will capture all servers, data, application dependencies and current resource utilization (cpu,memory, storage used).

Virtual Tech will then provide a project plan together with an expected consolidation ratio, reducing in some cases 50 servers down to 3 VMware ESX servers.

Phase 2 – Physical/Virtual to Virtual Migration

Virtual Tech will work together with your business to carefully plan the migration of each server over to the new Virtualised platform.

An initial complete replication of your server/s will be copied over to the new virtualised platform and continuously kept in sync with your existing physical server.

The actual conversion to virtual will be undertaken in 15 minutes regardless of the physical server data size.

Once the conversion is completed Virtual Tech will ensure comprehensive testing and obtain sign off from your business.

Phase 3 - Intelligent Operations Management and Automation

Add intelligent operations management and automation to your data center through VMware vRealize Operations. Monitor and manage health, spot performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls and rebalance workloads to enable application performance, while leveraging self-learning algorithms and predictive analytics that adapt to your environment.