5 trends of backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery is a hot topic, not just amongst the data protection experts of the world but business owners and managers too. As the number of issues with cyber attacks and data breaches rise by the week – especially given the mass working from home situation that has resulted from the COVID-19 lockdown – it’s now even more crucial that disaster recovery and backup is at the top of the agenda. With that in mind these are 5 of the top disaster recovery and backup trends that are the most important right now.

  • Multi-cloud for more effective disaster recovery. Transitioning to a multi-cloud architecture is a trend in its own right. For more and more people now being able to integrate public, private and hybrid elements provides the right mix of services and security. This is even more crucial in the context of backup and disaster recovery – more than three quarters of those who have deployed multi-cloud identify it as a key part of being prepared for disaster recovery.
  • Bigger budgets. As threats to digital security grow so too do the budgets required to protect against them and create contingencies for them. Recent research found that almost three quarters of respondents to a study said their disaster recovery budget had increased in size in the past year and for around 21% this upward spike was significant.
  • Ransomware is a key threat. It is the type of cyber attack that has hit the headlines most and also the one that around 90% of businesses consider to be critical. Ransomware continues to evolve but is essentially a way of holding data hostage, whether that is with a view to continuing to block access to it or threatening to publish sensitive or confidential information if the right fee is not paid. Because it’s so hard to block and detect it will remain a key threat for some time.
  • Moving away from the single back up. Times are changing and for many organisations a single backup option does not provide enough when it comes to peace of mind. Today the trend is towards multiple backups that offer intuitive solutions to the need for protection and also in a way that makes roll out simple and keeps essential costs down. For many this has meant that the big vendors who dominated previously are now not necessarily the optimum option. As a result, smaller, newer and more agile vendors are increasingly being chosen for the options and value that they represent.
  • A different time for data centres. Traditional data centres are on the way out and the burgeoning trend in 2020 is towards cloud-based options. In fact, a recent study identified that more than half of organisations are moving backups from traditional data centres to the cloud.

These key trends on backup and disaster recovery show just how much is changing with respect to planning and security contingency. From the ongoing threat of ransomware to the shift to cloud based backups there is plenty to consider.

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