7 benefits of managed it support for your business

Managed IT support could be the solution that your business needs to be more efficient, strategic, secure and successful in 2021. These are just some of the benefits of working with an effective managed IT support provider to make this happen.

  1. A more strategic approach. For many organisations, IT infrastructure and solutions have evolved in response to immediate need, without much planning. This can be expensive, inefficient and may mean that your organisation isn’t optimising the IT that it has. Part of the process of working with managed IT support is partnering with an IT manager who can provide perspective on whether the IT your business has is working - and how you could better use your resources to support greater growth going forward.
  2. A truly effective helpdesk. Round the clock helpdesk support is a big ask for any business when it comes to the cost and resources involved. Being able to provide this in-house can take an enormous investment and isn’t often the best use of the business cash flow. Access to a 24/7 helpdesk is something that will come as part of most managed IT support packages, whether the support need relates to routine administration or dealing with individual issues.
  3. Real time data and reporting. Many in-house IT teams struggle to generate accurate reports - or don’t have the resources, skills and insight to do this effectively and in real time. A managed IT support provider will be able to provide real time data on the business at any moment and create reports on use and need within your organisation that could be crucial to supporting its growth.
  4. Access to specialists.The cost of employing specialist technicians in-house can be high, prohibitively so for most businesses. With managed IT support your organisation has access to experts and a much greater level of skill and experience than would be available on a contracted in-house basis. This not only provides an upgrade to IT support but can give you more insight too.
  5. Increasing security. The use of network monitoring is a very effective tool in improving the way that an organisation handles security. This will provide an early warning of issues before they have the chance to escalate and can enable inconsistencies to be identified as soon as they arise. Managed IT support will include comprehensive network monitoring, instantly upgrading the security provision that your business has in place.
  6. A dedicated perspective. Working with managed IT support will mean that key information about the business and its IT is being stored and tracked. This can be essential in creating an accurate picture of whether the current IT infrastructure is working and where improvements could be made.
  7. Supporting more effective procurement. For many small businesses IT procurement is a big issue - making the right acquisitions can be challenging. Working with managed IT support makes this simple, from ensuring the right decisions are made to making procurement happen.

Working with managed IT support can help your business to do more, from improving security to creating an IT infrastructure that is more effective and better able to support the business.

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