What are the benefits of using IT Managed Services?

Almost two thirds of businesses today are working with IT managed services providers to improve their experience with IT and support the business better overall. As technology changes at a blistering rate this figure is set to rise, especially given the role that IT has to play in growth and progress. There are some key benefits to note where IT managed services are concerned.

  • A more cost-effective approach. Maintaining an in-house IT team is an expensive business and not one that is particularly cost effective for many organisations today. Using IT managed services means you’re only paying for the IT service you actually use, as opposed to full time service and you won’t have to bear the cost of training and development either.
  • Access to proven expertise. When you’re hiring in-house you have to rely on the CV that you’re given and may need to limit the skill sets you can afford to employ. An external provider can deliver proof of specific skills and qualifications across a whole wide range of areas. If your needs are more specific in one month than the next you can have access to the right specialist without having to employ them in-house.
  • Improving security and compliance. Security challenges multiply by the day and attacks and fraud are widespread. New regulations have put increased pressure on all businesses when it comes to protecting data and processing it safely. Handling all of this in-house - from risk mitigation to implementing best practice for compliance - is time consuming and requires your team to be constantly on top of the latest updates. This is an area where an IT managed services provider will have greater expertise and coverage, which can upgrade the level of security and compliance your business can achieve.
  • Improving efficiency. Tech should drive up efficiency internally but the wrong choices - or poor integration and management - can actually slow down systems and processes. Implementation, research and development are aspects of IT that many businesses overlook. Working with an external managed services provider allows for greater integration of these high level elements of business technology and enables the business to create cost savings that can be passed on to customers.
  • 24/7 support. You may not need access to managed services all day every day but it’s still essential to ensure you can call on support at any time of the night, day, week or year when you do need it. This is a service level that a good IT managed services provider will guarantee and not one that many internal teams can match.
  • A competitiveness boost. Particularly for smaller enterprises, technology can help to narrow the gap with competitors and create a more level playing field. However, for this to be effective it’s essential that your organisation is able to take advantage of benefits such as cutting edge products, economies of scale and manageable costs - all of which can be delivered by an IT managed services partner.

Using IT managed services can create a much brighter future for any business. From great efficiency to improved risk management there are a lot of benefits to consider. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you with your IT managed services...

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