The Importance of 24/7 IT Support

IT has always been central to business growth and productivity. As flexibility and remote working become increasingly essential the right support is even more crucial. 24/7 IT support not only ensures that your business has contingency in place should issues arise but can help to prevent the type of escalation that results in serious operational interruption. It’s a service that few organisations today can afford to do without.

Why is 24/7 IT support such a good idea?

  • Technology is essential to your business. Whether you work in retail or insurance, it’s highly likely that your enterprise is dependent on technology to maintain contact with customers, facilitate sales and deliver service. Ensuring that technology is consistent is key – for example, if you don’t have 24/7 IT support and your website goes down, and stays down for some time, valuable sales could be lost and brand perception damaged.
  • Responsive monitoring. Having access to IT support can be critical in dealing with problems swiftly and effectively. However, that support can also provide a crucial early warning system where monitoring is in place. This ensures that outages and issues can be identified in real time and tackled before they have the chance to become a serious situation.
  • 24/7 means around the clock. Whether you have teams working from home or people located in different time zones, one of the major benefits of 24/7 support is that it will be available to all of them when they need it and not only within the business hours of a specific location.
  • It’s one less thing to worry about. If you’re already juggling a lot of tasks, the right support will ensure operational stability and smooth running of the business no matter what else is going on around it.
  • Creating a competitive advantage. If other businesses in your sector don’t have this kind of backing and their IT is inconsistent – whether that’s a CRM that feeds data to customer service teams or an online shop – this can be damaging. As a result, those businesses with reliable, 24/7 IT support are more likely to be able to optimise resources and are automatically at a competitive advantage.
  • Managed IT support is more cost effective and efficient. You won’t need to retain, pay or train a team in-house to deal with issues etc and can access the support you need as and when you need it, keeping costs to a minimum. It’s also much easier to streamline in-house IT infrastructure and resources and to keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible when you’re working with managed IT support.
  • Set up a system that works for you. 24/7 IT support can be delivered on your terms, over the phone, via email or a chat function or in person where reasonable and practical to do so.

Investing in 24/7 IT support provides a firm foundation to ensure that your business gets the most out of IT infrastructure and resources, as well as from those who are using them to do their jobs.

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