What is IT Support?

Having the right IT partner can make all the difference to how efficiently and well-run daily operations are. We often assume that IT is something separate from the main functions of a business but today the reality is that most enterprises are reliant on IT and benefit from support that optimises the processes and systems that are being used internally. The right IT support can transform everything, from efficiency through to the way that technology supports your organisational goals.

IT support – the traditional perspective

When people think of IT support it’s often in the context of helping to fix an issue that arises with the technology that the organisation is using. However, in reality this is a role that can cover anything that relates to technology, from problem solving through to maintenance and installation of new systems. Computer systems and networks are the domain of IT support and anything that stems from this can be covered by an IT support service.

IT support today

IT support teams do deal with issues such as printers breaking down but this is a very small part of the remit today. From installation and configuration of computer systems to real time problem solving and diagnostics, IT support is essential. It also has a key role to play when it comes to optimising the way that technology is being used within an organisation and ensuring usability for everyone across the business. Trying to use IT that isn’t fit for purpose, which is overly complex or which doesn’t work in terms of what the business is trying to achieve can be time consuming and end up holding the business back. Part of finding the right IT support is ensuring that choices made are the right ones and that the systems in place are being maintained so that they are performing optimally at all times.

A few reasons to find the right IT support

  • Keeping your business secure. The range of security threats is constantly evolving and smaller businesses are now more of a target than they have ever been before. The right security solutions, provided by the right IT support team, ensure that your organisation has key protections in place and that these are being updated in line with the latest threat intelligence.
  • Real time problem solving. IT support can be essential when it comes to dealing with technology issues that arise within the business. When IT goes down or is no longer user friendly it can cause all sorts of operational issues that will need to be resolved, fast.
  • A cost effective choice. An external IT support team provides a service that is tailored specifically for the needs of your business – rather than an all-encompassing generic approach – and which can be delivered in a cost effective way that helps to streamline your IT budget. That may be a one off back up in times of emergency and disaster recovery or ongoing monitoring support.

IT support is so much more than fixing the printer – working with an external team can help your business to get the most from what technology really offers.

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