Why you need an IT partner in the ever-changing Legal IT World?

IT has been changing the way that the legal sector functions for some time. From webinars and integrating compliance to the remote working and network changes that have been required to navigate COVID-19, IT is a significant factor in success and survival. Remaining on top of the latest developments and requirements is a challenge and an IT partner can make all the difference.

The importance of cyber security

It’s not just large organisations that are targeted by cyber criminals today but smaller firms too. Law firms are an especially hot target due to the range of sensitive and confidential data involved in the relationship between firm and client. Particularly if you’re dealing with a number of high net worth individuals there may be significant expectations when it comes to the security systems, policies and procedures in place. Working with an IT partner will enable your firm to stay on top of the latest developments and threats, to ensure you have both basic and advanced protection in place – from multi-factor authentication to sophisticated virus protection – and to create disaster recovery planning to deal with the most challenging scenarios.

Coping with compliance

The GDPR has presented probably the biggest compliance challenge for the legal sector in recent years. The gap between legal and IT knowledge can be a dangerous place where compliance is breached, often with serious consequences. Currently, there is little or no case law established on the GDPR but this will change. As a result, working with an IT partner to continuously review the processes and policies in place to ensure compliance could be essential. This should cover every aspect of GDPR requirements, from data mapping through to rights of erasure and subject access requests.

The question of the cloud

Cloud computing offers enormous benefits for any business but migration also presents plenty of challenges, especially for the legal industry. It’s no longer just storage that the cloud can provide support for but functionality and processes too. Crucial to gaining the benefits of the cloud is ensuring that liabilities are minimised and vulnerabilities identified in advance. For example, this may mean addressing concerns such as control over the security measures put in place by a cloud provider or separation of law firm data from other users’ data. Identifying the right cloud solution, implementing it and monitoring it is something that an IT partner can provide a lot of support with, particularly where firm need is individual and bespoke.

Improving, maintaining and planning for IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure needs to evolve constantly, particularly in an industry where there is ongoing pressure to use technology to improve service delivery, increase security and be more competitive. Working with an IT partner provides access to expert industry insight that can be essential in building an IT infrastructure that can grow with the business and creating a strategy that is aligned with key goals.

Technology has the potential to revolutionise the way that law firms operate and the right IT partner can make this process simple and pain free. See how we can help you here... Contact us

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