Why you should consider Managed IT Support for your business

Comprehensive IT support helps to build resilience into businesses and provide options for improving security and optimising resources. There are many advantages to outsourcing this, for business large and small. If you’re looking to improve the way your organisation currently handles its IT then there are a number of reasons why you should consider managed IT support.

Access to specialist expertise

For most small and medium sized enterprises there are cost restrictions on IT human resources. Managed IT support will give your business access to specialists who would not be affordable as an in-house hire. Your IT systems will be managed and reviewed by experts, upgrading the options that you have when it comes to insight and support.

Round the clock support

IT support is essential and business continuity can be interrupted where it is lacking. However, the cost of an in-house support team available 24/7 can be prohibitive. Managed IT support provides access to this type of resource as part of a broader package, providing options for every need, whether a simple piece of maintenance or an unfolding IT crisis.

Effective network monitoring

With the range of security risks constantly unfolding, comprehensive network monitoring has become essential to ensure that issues are spotted quickly and handled fast. Managed IT support provides expert oversight ensuring that even the smallest inconsistencies are examined and potential issues don’t get the chance to escalate.

IT data collection

From compliance to gaining oversight into how the business uses IT infrastructure and where changes could be made, data collection is essential. All too frequently, individual businesses don’t manage this effectively – or aren’t able to work with the information they have. Managed IT support not only ensures that all relevant data about the business is collected but that essential information is also being communicated back to the right people to ensure that IT decision making – and the areas of the business it affects – is sound.

In-depth reporting and access to real time data

Working with real time data and regular reporting provides a business with the insights and opportunity to ensure that current IT is meeting the needs of the business in the best possible way. Most effective managed IT support will include delivery of periodic reports and making key data available in real time whenever it is required.

Strategy and systems

Many organisations are constantly playing catch up when it comes to IT resources and this can be expensive. Managed IT support will give your business access to an IT manager who can supply insight and expertise to help map out future hardware and software requirements aligned with business strategy. Decision making relating to procurement and specifications also becomes much simpler with managed IT support and ensures that time isn’t being wasted internally trying to figure the process out.

These are just some of the benefits of choosing managed IT support for your business. From access to expertise to opportunities to manage future strategy and IT requirements in a more proactive way, most organisations will see tangible change as a result of making this shift.

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